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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

"This Is Not a Public Meeting" - Doris Brooks, Chaiperson of ANC2c

ANC2c Chair Doris Brooks cancelled tonight's ANC meeting upon failing to stop attendees from videotaping the gathering. The videotapers had received prior approval from the United House of Prayer Church to tape the meeting, but at tonight's gathering, the Church ultimately deferred to Chairperson Brooks's desire not to have the meeting videotaped. See one of the outrageous videos of Chairperson Brooks in action here.

Among many other things, what's irksome about Chairperson Brooks's unilateral cancellation of the meeting is that she wasted the time of the citizens who showed up to this meeting and that she has now called off two consecutive ANC meetings, thereby causing countless delays in projects needing ANC approval.

Fortunately work precluded me from what, in hindsight, turned out to be a huge waste of time.


Anonymous said...

Ms. Brooks' behavior is utterly outrageous and disgusting. What a waste of citizens' time and efforts, and what a sad way to stall the business before the ANC. This woman absolutely must be voted out. As I can personally attest, the tapings are a great way for those of us who are unable to make the meetings to catch up on important issues in our community.

When will this end? Is she going to keep cancelling meeting after meeting?!?!?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have any contacts at the Washington Post? Seems like this would be a good story for news coverage...

IMGoph said...

well, the Post's Express has covered this now on their blog here

perhaps this news is working its way up the chain there at 15th and L

Ray said...

Post does not cover these meetings, never has. It does not fit into their liberal stereotype of old timer church people as victims, gentrifiers as evil selfish manipulators demanding change. If they want to cover thug activity -- they call Leroy. If they want to showcase some never-to-hatch scheme to someday put something in Shaw -- they call Alex. Real easy. No brainer.