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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Shaw's Tag Line Ganked?

I was just on the NoMa Business Improvement District's snazzy new Website and noticed a little saying at the bottom of their home page: "NoMa- It all comes together here!"

Now I'm not a branding expert, but NoMa's (new?) tag line sounds mighty close to the one used by Shaw Main Streets to describe Shaw: "Where DC Comes Together." It seems like all tag lines are easily subject to critique, but having two very similar tag lines for abutting neighborhoods is, to say the least, problematic.

The Shaw Main Streets tag line will likely adorn banners on telephone poles throughout Shaw later this year. Shaw Main Streets has been on the past 2 ANC2c meeting agendas for the purpose of seeking ANC2c's approval for hanging the banners, but both meetings have been cancelled by Chairperson Brooks. Have you had a chance to check out the proposed banner designs? They are available for viewing here.


Sam Farmer said...

Lets be honest its a pretty average generic slogan that could apply to many places.

Shaw Rez said...

I must say I agree, Sam... And--it must be said--it's vaguely suggestive in an unhumorous way.

Anyone have any suggestions on better tag lines or themes for promoting Shaw?

Ray said...

How about: "From burned out slum to a home for all"? That way Shiloh's perennially vacant properties will retain their ironic bitterness.

marty said...

Ray, you're a scream. I'm in tears ... You need your own show. Who needs Letterman? In fact, why not do once a week (or month ...) 1min vid on the Chapple site with you. Now, what would we call it? The M[last name] Minute? Why stop with your rose-colored glasses-free column in the newsletter?

rr 446 said...


LOL. you nailed it!

OffSeventh said...

Shaw...we only duck bullets on weekend now.

Shaw...Real Estate taxes like Georgetown with an Anacostia level of services. least we are near Gallery Place.

Shaw...we need a new name to attract more yuppies. MIGHT make some money in real estate here.

Shaw...40s, crack and guns all in one stop.

Shaw...we don't even have a library.

Wow I am in a shitty mood.

OffSeventh said...

Martin...can I post it too! Seriously the best idea ever. Can we film it when Doris cancels another meeting in May...right as he is about to flip...

Ray...thank you seriously you make this place better with your humor!

OffSeventh said...

OOooh one more (an no offense for any DNA folks).

Shaw...even the DNA does not want us.