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Monday, April 09, 2007

Metrocurean Reports Bouche Bistro Coming to Ninth Street

Shaw Rez's friend Amanda at Metrocurean reports that Grape Legs will be even more of a neighborhood destination come June 1 with the opening of Bouche Bistro above it. Bouche Bistro will be an extension of Grape Legs and will be a "55-seat restaurant [that] will feature a curved copper-topped bar, cowhide bar stools, church pew seating, chandeliers and candles." Read Amanda's post for more details about the menu, the plans for performing arts and art in the space, and the other investors/entrepreneurs joining forces with Grape Legs owner Franco Clark.

What an exciting addition to our neighborhood!

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Anonymous said...

very cool! btw, does anyone know what's happening with the building two doors to the south of wagtime on 9th street? i.e., what the renovation plan involves?