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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

March 7 ANC2(c) Meeting Cancelled Unilaterally by Chairperson Brooks

As reported at Commissioner Chapple's Forum:
This month's ANC 2C meeting, scheduled for Wednesday, March 7, 2007, has been canceled unilaterally by the chair, Doris Brooks. No other information is available at this time.
— Alexander M. Padro
Commissioner, ANC 2C01


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

why can't the commission meet without her?

Anonymous said...

Probably Leroy could not make it, and you know how it is when there is no one to "pull the strings". Ditto on the recall comment!

Anonymous said...

The puppet master is losing control of the stage.

PJinDC said...

How many more days do I have to walk by "re-elect Barbara Curtis" or "re-elect Doris Brooks" signs on neighborhood poles as a reminder of how worthless they are as ANC commissioners? I thought campaign literature had to be removed within a certain time after elections. Maybe Leroy forgot to tell them to take the signs down or got it approved by Jack Evans to keep them up as a reminder of our great leadership. Maybe they are just getting an early start on the recall...I mean 2008 election.

DaddyFiveOh said...

If anyone is serious about recalling Doris Brooks, you're going to have to get the folks in Gallery Place to pay attention. They left John Tinpe high and dry by failing to vote in November--with the result that you see.

rr 446 said...

the only way saint doris will lose an election is if she's done gone expired or decided not to run.

A. Citizen said...

ditto recall
it can, that's why there's a vice-chair
what happened in Gallery Place?
if the puppet master can be replaced, so can the puppet!