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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Logan Row Phase II Construction Underway

I was happy to notice on a recent walk to work that Phase II of the Logan Row Development, located at 1425 11th Street, NW, is well underway.

Developed by Ellis Denning Properties, Logan Row will bring 28 residential units to 11th Street when completed. Phase I construction concluded in 2006 and involved the renovation of a 3 story structure into 8 residential units. Phase I was designed to look like row homes. Phase II is a 20-unit, 4 story, all-new construction project. The project has one-bedroom units priced from the high-$200's and two-bedrooms units priced from the high $400's. A common roof deck for all to enjoy sits atop the completed 3 story section; penthouses in the 4 story section feature private roof decks.

According to DC Lofts, Phase II’s delivery date is expected in early 2008 (originally it was announced for mid-2007). The addition of this development will do wonders for this block of 11th Street and will hopefully help invigorate the current retail on the corner of 11th and P Streets (a pretty worn looking Chinese takeout place and a party supply store).

Logan Row
1425 11th Street, NW
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keg said...

The SW corner of 11th and P is slated to be a restaurant... Veranda, or something like that. This has been in the works for some time (the liquor license has already been dutifully protested by the ANC and neighbors). Work on the site has been extremely slow, though I did notice that a new liquor application placard was posted recently. Based on typical rates of retail and restaurant development in Shaw/Logan, the opening should be sometime in 2011.

Shaw Rez said...

Keg - Funny you should mention it, but just this morning I noticed the renewed liquor license placard on the door to that space. Do you know any other details about that restaurant? I heard it's going to be an Italian restaurant.

Are neighbors opposed in an "alcohol (and/or "newcomers") is evil" kind of way (a la Shiloh) or in a "the restaurant's going to be too noisy and I live right above it" kind of way?

keg said...

I haven't heard a thing about the place in over a year and I don't recall the type of cuisine. The protests were the ANC's standard "we protest all liquor licenses" (presumably because there isn't enough government in our government) and the neighbors' "we don't want grease bins and busboys in our alley" (presumably because used condoms and bum poop is far preferable).... It'll be interesting to see if it ever turns into a restaurant.

BTW, thanks for the great blog and your efforts to improve the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

The restaurant (?) / tavern (?) at 11th & P Street NW will indeed be called Veranda. The busines owners are the same people who own Heller's Bakery in Mount Pleasant.

Mari said...

As far as ANCs round Logan opposing ABC licenses, there is a reason. The brief year I lived in Logan, I picked up on the vibe of residents at some meetings who, though welcoming new business, were very wary. Apparently they've been burned before. The big fear was a business would come in under the guise of a restaurant, and then turn around and become a nightclub. Nightclub, bad. Jennifers with big purses puking in your front yard and taking up all the residental parking and screaming I'M SOOOOO DRUNK!!!!!! at 2AM. They did not want to be another Adams Morgan. I sure as heck would hate to be an Adams Morgan, the noise would just drive me away.
The careful examination of the licenses, give residents the opportunity to impose 'volunteer agreements' and attempt to keep others honest.

chris in eckington said...

My understanding was that the new restaurant would be a tapas bar type place and that the neighbors protested the liquor license because it's in a residential neighborhood. I believe that under the new comprehensive plan, 11th street will be re-zoned exclusively residential. Existing commercial businesses will be allowed to stay but no new ones would be allowed to open.