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Friday, February 02, 2007

Warrenton Plaza Added to the Real Estate Development in Shaw Link

As a newcomer to Shaw, what’s old news to some is often news to me. Such may be the case regarding Warrenton Plaza, a new mixed use project coming to the corner of 7th and Q (1547 7th Street, to be exact). The project will include over nine residential units plus retail space. According to the Warrenton Group's Website, Warrenton Plaza will be a “Gut Renovation/New Construction” of the existing arts and crafts building and will feature “rooftop decks, industrial kitchens, exposed ducts, concrete floors and counters.” The website states that the project is waiting zoning approval. The architect for the project, Bonstra Haresign, has designed several recognizable, impressive projects in D.C., such as Q14.

I added this project to the Real Estate Development in Shaw link under the Shaw Resource Center to the right.

For more information, contact The Warrenton Group
telephone: 202.234.1733


Anonymous said...

Interesting. WDCEP has this listed as starting in 5/2007:

Doubt it. Still good to see this in the pipeline, as that building looks to have potential.

Take Kelsey out of the equation (and all of the drugs/violence that goes with it), add some usable retail and that could turn into a right nice stretch of 7th street.

Anonymous said...

I don't see it happening anytime soon, if ever. See

ralph Mc cann said...

Not anytime soon but would be nice. Alot more needs to happen first.