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Monday, February 26, 2007

CVS Coming to 10th and U Streets

As reported by the Cardoza/Shaw Neighborhood Association, we're getting a CVS at 1000 U Street. Here's the text of the article:

Prince Hall Freemason and Eastern Star Charitable Foundation announced today that CVS Pharmacy has signed a lease to occupy 9,900 square-feet at 1000 U Street, NW. The opening is scheduled for the second quarter of 2007.

Madison Retail Group leased the space on behalf of Prince Hall Freemason and Eastern Star Charitable Foundation.

“CVS Pharmacy is a great addition to the building and the ongoing revitalization of the U Street corridor,” said Jeff Edelstein, Associate of Madison Retail Group. The site was previously leased as office space and many years ago housed a Giant grocery store. The building is ideally located on top of the eastern entrance of the U Street-Cardozo-African American Civial War Memorial Metrorail Station.

“This transaction will have a positive impact on meeting the everyday needs of the growing U Street residential Community,” said Loretta Cataldi, Vice President of Madison Retail Group. The site will be CVS’s first location along the U Street corridor.

Madison Retail Group also represented CVS in the transaction. CVS currently has fifty stores in Washington, D.C.
I think the influx of retail nearby is a great thing for our neighborhood's renewal. Welcome, CVS!


IMGoph said...

alright, is anyone paying attention to the obvious here? if they're putting a CVS at 10th and U, then the one at Florida and 7th has to close. there's no way that one doesn't cannibalize sales from the other.

Shaw Rez said...

Ahhh, I was unaware of that CVS location somehow. You might be right, imgoph. Is the existing store a nice one? Well utilized? In the path of another development? etc?

Scenic Artisan said...

isn't the one at 7th and florida within the area that the city is developing?

wheres the rite aid? u and .. what 12th? Seems u street could use more varieties of business rather than directly copetitive ones, no?

IMGoph said...

exactly, sean, the rite aid is at 13th and u (my old corner). u street doesn't need 3 drug stores in 6 blocks. i don't think u street can support that. the 7th and florida one is in the area that is planned to be redeveloped, long term, but there are no concrete plans for that area yet, to my knowledge.

shaw rez - that cvs isn't the nicest in the world; it's adequate, and nothing more.

Shaw Rez said...

Interesting. I agree this doesn't bode well for the CVS at 7th and Florida. I can't find any statements about the planned development at 7th and Florida. I realize this area is sure to undergo a renaissance--e.g., the Great Streets initiative, Radio One, and other projects--but am unaware of anything regarding this specific parcel. Can either of you offer any help?

The CVS move to U doesn't seem to be a bad thing for our neighborhood necessarily, given our discussion here. I'd rate it a neutral. We're getting a better CVS (presumably), though it's further from our core. The current CVS site is slated for redevelopment of some sort. Hopefully the new O Street Market Giant will have a pharmacy to meet any demand for such in inner Shaw.

IMGoph said...,a,1285,q,619216,planningnav,|32341|.asp

Check out the planning documents at that link. On the 3rd page there are a bunch of PDFs you can look at, and it'll give you a feel for how the city would like to see that corner in the near future.

Anonymous said...

fyi...there is an great cvs on 10th near L... always stocked!!