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Friday, January 12, 2007

Urban Blight Revisited

The recently erected cinder block wall over the entry to Shiloh Baptist Church’s vacant property at 1526 9th Street was torn down this morning. I don’t know the reasoning for such action, but I posit that it had to do with lacking the proper approval for its construction. Thanks to all who called the DCRA and other district agencies in response to my earlier post.

Don’t get me wrong, I AM supportive of Shiloh making its vacant properties secure from crime and vandalism. And I do not have a vendetta against the congregation of Shiloh (although I strongly disagree with them and disapprove of their actions on numerous things, like their opposition to Vegetate's liquor license). But given Shiloh’s apparent neglect of this and other buildings in Shaw and given the apparent lack of any viable, concrete plans for the rehabilitation of its highly visible vacant buildings, I am not supportive of Shiloh’s ownership of these structures.



Andrew said...

these houses drive me crazy. it makes the block look like such a dump, and can't help property values. Like your blog, btw!

richard said...

1526 was the location of Early Bird Barbershop. Shiloh was a horrible landlord to this barber...the roof was leaking bad, five gallon buckets collected roof leaking water on first floor closet. barber told me everything. Shiloh would fix NOTHING.