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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Space Is Cool

This past Saturday night’s acoustic event at The Space was very cool and a lot of fun: it drew a good sized crowd, the bar was well stocked, the atmosphere was uber swanky-cool, and the music by Chris Juengel was great. The owners of the Space indicate that they intend to have similar events on a regular basis; I really hope they do, as these events will add a very neat and unique nightlife draw to our neighborhood. Another idea they’re fielding is to host cooking classes at the space (they have a state of the art Viking kitchen). Fun, right?

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ML said...

Aha! That's what that building is... had been wondering for some time, and now I know - its 'The Space'!

Don't we have a French chef in Mt. Vernon Sq. who has held cooking classes in the past? Thought I recall reading that - he/she might be a good candidate. A neighborhood chef would be super-cool for such a thing.