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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Not a Good Sign at 1416 9th

As reported on Friday, the building at 1416 9th Street has undergone extensive demolition recently, and the rumor is that the building will be reconstructed into retail and commercial space. I noticed yesterday that the project hit a not-so-great bump in the road to completion by receiving a stop work order and a fine for $6,000.

Let's hope that construction resumes soon and the revival on 9th continues its brisk pace.

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Shaw Rez said...

Apparently our good neighbors in ANC2F have been paying a lot of attention to this building, as demolition and stagnated construction progress have characterized its recent history (see there website for more).

Here's to hoping that the project resumes with a clear vision, brisk and legal construction pace, and brings us neighborhood-enhancing tenants.