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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Nellie's Sports Bar: Coming Soon . . . Seriously.

Nellie's Sports Bar will soon be another great dining and nightlife destination in our neighborhood. Originally slated to open in fall 2006 (or possibly even before that), a press release issued this month, available here, announces that Nellie's will indeed finally open in February. I confirmed in an email to one of the owners that a February opening is in store.

Nellie's will be a unique addition to this stretch of the U Street Corridor and to Shaw, combining "sports, good food, and fun in a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere." With beer galore, good bar food and some lighter fare, 15 televisions, a patio on the side of the building facing U Street, and a roof deck, this spot should be a lot of fun.

More details about the opening to follow.

Nellie's Sports Bar
900 U Street
NW Washington, DC 20001
202.332.NELL (6355)


S Street said...

I'll believe it when I see it, but please hurry. It would be nice to have it open for the Super Bowl.

Anonymous said...

I hope they won't be as precious as B-Bar. Ray

JTE said...

Is this the building that housed an Ethiopian restaurant/club where you could eat outside, on the roof? I noticed that placed closed down. The owner was a cool guy. I don't remember the name of the Ethiopian place.

Shaw Rez said...

JTE--I'm not sure what was there previously. I know that it's the building on the corner of 9th and U, and is presently painted off white. The building used to house a well known photo studio.

Anonymous said...

I really hope this is just a laidback neighborhhod bar, and not the pretentious cluster f*!k that is Be Bar.