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Thursday, January 18, 2007

My First O.D. Experience

I went to the Old Dominion Brewhouse last night for the first time. I must say that it was a positive experience and that I will definitely go back. I enjoyed the food: I had a wasabi turkey BLT wrap and waffle fries; if I ever crave a burger or good bar food nearby, I'll walk to O.D. for a bite. My beer was great (I had the stout); I will definitely be back for their frosty beverages. The t.v.'s were everywhere showing a variety of games (we watched tennis, and the bartender was pleased to set a t.v. closer to us on the Australian Open at our request); I would definitely go there to watch a sporting event. The staff was quite eager to please and wanted to know our names; perhaps they're seeking to be the Cheers of Shaw/Mt. Vernon, which I appreciate.

I'm ashamed to say that what really won O.D. a place in my heart was the fact that they have a Photo Hunt game at the bar (though their version goes by another name, like "What's the Difference").

I agree with the comments I've read about the place suggesting that they should add pool tables (though loud) or some other forms of entertainment as a draw. It seems they have plenty of space and perhaps a too-large large dining area.

All to say, welcome to the neighborhood, Old Dominion! I'm glad you're finally here.

Old Dominion Brewhouse
1219 9th Street, NW


Ray said...

What a difference between the precious, exclusionist B-Bar and the laid-back (and a tad noisy) neighborhood-friendly Old Dominion. Hope Nelly's becomes a friendly hang-out too. Makes a person glad to be here despite the gang shootings and uncking! Ray

Shaw Rez said...

I'm a fan of Be Bar and think it adds a great draw to the neighborhood for people who might not otherwise venture this far east. Several women I work with LOVE their half price martini happy hours and make Be Bar a destination on Saturday afternoons, which is awesome. I think we're lucky to have such an establishment call Shaw home.

All that said, I enjoy Be Bar most when it's not filled wall to wall with people on a weekend night, and usually go there at their "off peak" times.

Shaw Rez said...

And yes, Ray, I, too am very glad that OD offers us an inclusive neighborhood destination/hangout completely different from Be Bar. Diversity in our neighborhood's offerings is great.

ML said...

Interesting title to this post...

Anyways, the wife and I too really enjoyed our first trip to the brew-pub. We stuck to the drinks - it being restaurant week and all, we didn't want to spoil our dinner at PS7.

The brew was truly tasty and priced reasonably I thought. Also thought the atmosphere was good for a sports bar and the wood-paneling a nice touch. And those tv's! Wow 20 big plasmas - so not a bad seat in the house for the game.

Never thought I would get so worked up over a sports bar, but it's opening feels like a milestone of some sort for Shaw.

Now onward and upward with the sushi place next store.

Anonymous said...

Great review, thanks! How crowded was it when you were there? I hope they stay very busy......(and more restaurants are encouraged to open up here!)

Steve K said...

Went to Old Dominion last night. The Wizards game was on multiple flat screens. So, if you like sports in a now, smoke free environment, you may want to check it out. We sat at the bar and had an excellent beer sampler.... 4 beers of your choice in smaller glasses. All were excellent! The bar staff were all very friendly. The lighting appeared to be at the right level (Obviously they are listening to people). It was great to be able to have a good quality beer at a reasonable price without having to down go to Chinatown to visit Fado or RFD. I recommend you check out Old Dominion.