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Monday, January 08, 2007

Dog Park Pitch?

Matt at is trying to organize Dog owners in Shaw to establish a dog park. Check out his ideas and join his cause here. As one who is eagerly awaiting the arrival of a boxer puppy this spring, I'm all for the effort to bring dog park(S!) to our area.

Matt also plugs the Department of Parks and Recreation Meeting scheduled for Tuesday night (01.09.07) at 6:30 pm at the Kennedy Recreation Center. The meeting will include a discussion of renovations to the park at 6th and N., and may present an opportunity to pitch that park, at least in part, as a dog park site.


Ray said...

The feud between the cynophilic gentrifiers and cynophobic ghettofiers will surely go pyrotechnical as the United House of Prayer received ANC support on acquiring the plot from the city. We already know what side Wendy Rahim, Jack Evan's Muslim (in Islam, dogs are unclean animals, even their drool, much less their feces, is haram) representative stands on. Please guys, think this one through.

Shaw Rez said...

I know nothing of UHoP, so if they are good neighbors I apologize for speaking out of ignorance, but the idea of allowing church property growth in Shaw given Shaw churches' collective track record as property owners makes me cringe.

si said...

UHOP does not let property rot like some other churches. But they do buy everything they can and now do luxury housing.

The prospect of the city selling a park to a church with no community input is alarming. The ANC 2C voted their approval of the sale after quickly silencing voices of dissent. UHOP did not present a specific plan for the land.

This park is surrounded by a lot of senior housing and IMO is not a good prospect for a dog park. The opposition would definitely be formidable.

Regardless, the first order of business for that space is to GET THE LIGHTS ON. Next is to fix it up. It could be a lovely park that the community could use. I encourage everyone to come to the meeting tonight.

Shaw Rez said...

Interesting, Si, thanks for the insight.

Lights and beautification without UHoP ownership without dogs, then, are what I support!

Ted said...

I would love a dog park. But it doesn't have to be at the N and 6th location. However, with Shaw churches' record on development and Shaw's extreme lack of park space, I would not want UHOP to take over this park.

Amanda said...

When said puppy arrives, you should check out the Congressional cemetary/dog park over in SE. A very interesting symbiotic relationship - dog owners pay a yearly fee to have access and acres to run their dogs, and the money pays for the cemetary upkeep.

It's a novel approach to using and maintaining limited city land. Strange, but novel.