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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Better Photos of the Fire Chief's Notices

Thanks to Drew for providing the following photos of the notices affixed to several vacant structures in the 1500 block of 9th Street yesterday.


Modthinglet said...

I e-mailed the National Park Service to inform them of the notice on the Woodson House. In their reply, they mentioned that they also own the properties at 1540 and 1542. I hope you don't mind, in my reply I sent them your picture of the notice on Woodson House (which was better than mine), in addition to my own pictures of the other two properties.

Shaw Rez said...

Interesting, Modthinglet! Did their response shed any light on what action they will (or will not) take to make the properties safe?

Modthinglet said...

I want to give the guy a chance to respond to my reply e-mail before I get too indignant, but they felt the properties were secured (an issue they would have to take up with the DCRA and DCFD).

(seem to be having trouble posting--hope this doesn't end up as a dupe.)

Shaw Rez said...

cool. I look forward to hearing more and appreciate your taking action.

Secure isn't the same thing as safe to enter.

Maybe the DC Preservation League needs to chime in on this again.

Ray said...

Sorry to be a party-pooper, guys, but Sendar regularly has those organge stickers plastered on his place, Shiloh too. They stay on until they fall off. Nothing gets done; no one is fined; no one is responsible. The city claims it does not have the means to follow through to pursue enforcement of the infractions. The stickers only give the appearance, like the "Clean It or Lien It" signs of yore, that something is being done.

Nonetheless, I think we can thank Mike Schaeffer of ANC 2F, who went up and down Ninth on Saturday with a clipboard and laptopped the vacant properties in a complaint rant.

I think all of us in ANC2C02 should to defect to 2F!

Shaw Rez said...

UPDATE: The sticker on 1532 has been removed by someone. I don't know anything more (whether the fire chief removed it, Shiloh Baptist Church or a vagrant). I assume that removal by anyone other than the Fire Chief/a city official is illegal and warrants a fine.