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Monday, January 08, 2007

ANC 2C Bylaws

Thanks to Commissioner Chapple for posting the ANC 2C Bylaws (.pdf file). I haven't had a chance to review them in depth or mentally process them yet, but upon skimming have noticed that they are replete with typos and contain several hand written amendments. Classic.


Anonymous said...

I love the handwritten amendment with regard to the instance if officers could not be decided upon during the election, the previous years officers would remain... I would sout scam bu tit looks like it may have been added in 2002. (page 3 of the .pdf)

Anthony said...

Even better than the handwritten dates are the numerous typos and grammatical errors. As a writer, I'd venture to say that anytime you have careless mistakes like spelling and grammar, you probably have bigger problems too. It's clearly an indication of how seriously past commissioners have taken the responsibility of creating rules for the Commission.

It's nice to see that Commissioner Chapple has taken the time to post the bylaws and make them available to the public. Now they just need to be reviewed, amended if necessary, and taken seriously.