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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Convention Center Hotel Update

The Washington Post reported yesterday that the city and Marriott are inching closer to the construction of a convention center hotel on 9th Street. According to the article, the city intends to use eminent domain to acquire the remaining land needed for the hotel. This particularly affects the Central Safe and Locksmith store, which has operated there since 1979 and will be evicted without the benefit of a buyout of the remainder of its lease.

Construction on the 1,400+ room hotel at Massachusetts and Ninth is expected to start in 2008. I can only imagine what this hotel, when completed and brimming with guests, could do for the street scene along 9th Street.


Anonymous said...

I agree - not to mention, there's supposed to be a ton of retail space in the new hotel itself...

Ray said...

Don't worry, though. Shaw Meanstreets will make sure nothing will ever into the vacant properties north of the hotel that does not meet their precious standards.