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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

5 Reasons AGAINST Placing a Modular Library on Rhode Island

As reported yesterday, a modular unit will be placed on Rhode Island across from Seaton Elementary School, to house a temporary library in Shaw. I think this is a bad idea, and offer the following justifications for my opinion:

1. The Modular Unit (a.k.a. trailer) will be an eyesore.
2. The Modular Unit (a.k.a. trailer) will offer criminals a place to hide along an otherwise open stretch of land, thus making BOTH sides of Rhode Island sketchy in this stretch given Seaton's lack of lighting.
3. The Modular Unit (a.k.a. trailer) might be used by a school for classroom space once the new library is "reconstructed," thereby making us look at it for years AND years to come.
4. The Modular Unit (a.k.a. trailer) is not placed in a commercial zone. The library should be housed in a nearby retail space instead of in the trailer, as doing so would encourage foot traffic along our commercial corridors.
5. The Modular Unit (a.k.a. trailer) is a waste of library resources when there is not a cohesive plan for the library system, much less our Shaw branch.

Anyone have any other reasons to complain about this eyesore?


gpliving said...

Here are my reasons:

1. Shaw residents *aren't* dealing with the aftermath of a large hurricane.

2. DC Gov's obsession with trailers must end! First the homeless trailers and now a library trailer? What's next, a day-labor pick-up point trailer?

Shaw Rez said...

You made me laugh out loud, GP. Thanks for the additional reasons.

IMGoph said...

It's just not a bright idea. You're so right that they should be looking at leasing storefront space. Give back to the community by integrating yourself more into it. Throwing up a "temporary" solution like this should be viewed by everyone in the neighborhood for what it is - a lack of respect for us. I really really REALLY hate it when people whine about the preferential treatment that they seem to get west of the park (the squeaky wheel gets the grease, usually), but look at this situation. Tenleytown is getting a storefront library, and the other 3 of us are getting this FEMA-stylee stuff dumped on us. Just wunderbar....