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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Must-Have Holiday Gift

Shaw's very own Longview Gallery sells one of the neatest gifts of the year: ceramic vessels handcrafted to look like otherwise mundane objects. OK, so the description doesn't sound that sexy, but trust me, they're really cool. I plan to buy a few for friends and family. I think they'd make great, unique Christmas or house warming gifts this season.

First, and my favorite, are ceramic lunch bags:

Second, are ceramic gift bags (I'm not a fan of the representative display uses of these, but oh well...):

Third are ceramic tank-tops/t-shirts:

They all come in different sizes and are designed to hold water, so they can be used as flower vases.

Longview also sells a few other neat small gift items and cards, in addition to their beautiful art, so is a must-go holiday shopping destination. If you haven't checked out Longview yet, you must: it is a really high caliber gallery, and we are extremely fortunate to have it in our neihgborhood.

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