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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

9th Street Building Rehab and Expansion

The building at 1410 9th Street is undergoing a significant rehabilitation presently: all three floors have been gutted and there is a sizable 3 story addition going up in the back. It looks like great quality work (e.g., the back addition has a brick exterior rather than wood or vinyl).

1410 9th Street
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Does anyone know what is planned for the space? I would guess that residential (probably condos) will be on the upper floors and a commercial space (hopefully a restaurant or bar so we can begin a cluster of such spaces on 9th) will be on the first floor.

The D.C. real estate sales database indicates the property sold in October 2005 for $750,000 to Fessha Mollalign of Maryland. A brief Google search of Fessha Mollalign indicates s/he owns several properties in the D.C. area, but does not indicate much else.

It's great to see others investing in our neighborhood, as it affirms that we aren't the only ones who see its potential.



ML said...

Also on the ReDev tip, there has been some activity at the O Street Market the last couple of days. Looks like bricklayers are shuring up the walls with additional brick/mortar and/or leveling off the top of the walls at the roofline in preparation for later development. If memory serves, latest plan is for Roadside Development to break ground at the beginning of 08'.

Its great to see activity at the market other than the 'Giant parking lot booze crew.'

ML said...

Note too, this is what I'm referencing for the ground breaking date:

Most folks seem skeptical about all this, but hopefully a redeveloped O St. Market/Giant is not really not too far away.

Shaw Rez said...

Interesting, ML. Thanks for the tip. I think you're right that no real headway on the new giant will commence for at least a year, as no permits have been pulled to my knowledge. Nonetheless, I'm not a skeptic--I think the ball is rolling on this project now more than ever.